First Look at ‘Halloween 6’ Producers Cut Blu-ray Transfer Revealed

As the momumental release of the new Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set approaches, Anchor Bay and Scream Factory continue to tease us, today releasing the below image of the new transfer of the infamous “Producers Cut” of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, which is in the spotlight, getting its first ever official release within this much anticipated set.

You can compare the screen cap image above with one of the same scene from an exisitng bootleg release of the film below, and then tell us how excited you are for The Complete Collection!

Halloween: The Complete Collection comes home on September 23.

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  • Finally…The Curse is receiving the spotlight and true release it has been lacking since 1995. I enjoyed the theatrical cut of the film fine, but always felt there was something missing, there was something more to this than what was shown to us. Then when the revelation of the Producer's Cut came to light, it became like the Lost Ark to me. Now within a month and a few days time it will finally be within my grasp…hopefully it's vision won't melt my skin away in the process.

First Look at ‘Halloween 6’ Producers Cut Blu-ray Transfer Revealed