First Look At ‘Halloween: The Complete Collection’ [Photo Gallery]

This past #MichaelMyersMonday, we were pleasantly surprised to open our front door here at Halloween Daily News headquarters to find a very special treat on our doorstep, as the awesome folks at Anchor Bay and Scream Factory were kind enough to send us the brand new Halloween: The Complete Collection 15-disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray box set to preview for you!

While you wait for our full review as we’re digging into this massive set this week, we have had a huge response to the initial photos we posted on social media and many of you have requested to see more of the stunning artwork and packaging details, so scroll on down for our photo gallery of this killer beauty!

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Halloween: The Complete Collection comes home this Tuesday, September 23.

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You can order yours here!

  • I love this set but the only thing I don't like it doesn't come with a Ultraviolet Code.

  • Anonymous

    Eco Cases are the worst. Why? It'd be fine if they just didn't have freakin' holes in the effing case. A complete layer of thin plastic would be fine instead of a bunch of holes. It mirrors the holes we put in the ozone layer. That damages the disc (us).


First Look At ‘Halloween: The Complete Collection’ [Photo Gallery]