Sign the White House Petition to Make Halloween a Federal Holiday

Have you ever wished that your favorite day of the year, Halloween was recognized as an actual federal Holiday like Christmas and Thanksgiving? Of course you are not alone, and one person is taking this request to the White House in the form of an online petition that needs at least 100,000 signatures by July 25 to be taken seriously. But we can do that, right?

Twitter user Richard Doredant contacted us last week about the new petition he started on the official White House website.

Doredant’s petition states in part: “Halloween …is a celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31. Halloween is currently the second most important party night in North America. In terms of its retail potential, it is second only to Christmas.”

Click HERE to sign the petition to make Halloween a federal holiday, and of course share this with everyone you know who loves Halloween like we do!

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  • Lux Terrea

    Making Beltane a national holiday might be easier. A lot of people across the United States have danced the maypole in their youth and would associate that enjoyment with the pagan holiday. Halloween or Samhain it’s going to scare most Christians too badly. And it may be just too weird for a lot of non Christians. But who knows? I will sign the petition and let’s pray the Gods give it a shove.

  • Wentra

    Would be nice.

Sign the White House Petition to Make Halloween a Federal Holiday