Jason Blum Gives Update on New ‘Halloween’ Movie

The biggest news of the year for horror fans was the announcement that John Carpenter would return to the Halloween franchise as executive producer to help oversee a new movie, but there has been little progress since, and now Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions explains the reason for that is because they have not yet settled on what approach to take in bringing about the return of Michael Myers to the big screen.

Speaking to Cinemablend this week, Blum said, “We haven’t landed on an approach. We haven’t landed on a filmmaker, and we haven’t landed on an approach. We thought we had a filmmaker and an approach, and we don’t. We’re talking to a handful of people about it — all of them have different ideas. I don’t believe in coming up with an idea and telling a filmmaker what to do. So we have three to five different people we’re talking with, and all of them have a different idea about what it should be. And we haven’t landed on a group, and as a result we haven’t landed on an idea.”

That’s not exactly the news we were hoping to hear, especially with it being October and our favorite holiday on the horizon, but at least we know one thing is for sure – nobody is rushing a new Halloween movie into theaters prematurely.

When it was announced back in May that Blumhouse would team with Miramax and Trancas International for a new Halloween film, Carpenter said of his involvement in the project, “38 years after the original Halloween, I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.”

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  • All I’m kindly asking is for a damn great HALLOWEEN film and one that doesn’t involve neither Rob Zombie nor(even worse) Adam Wingard.

  • Bob Hinson

    The 1978 mask and Michael being who he was in the first two movies. They better listen to John Carpenter, enough said.

    • AllForLeyna

      I agree…I don’t mind them taking a while to decide on the right direction of the next movie….just so it’s the right direction. And I would say John Carpenter is the most qualified to make that decision. Too bad Debrah Hill isn’t around to help as well, god rest her soul. I wonder if Carpenter is pushing the Dennis Etchison script that both He and Hill originally wanted for Halloween 4. I like that idea.

Jason Blum Gives Update on New ‘Halloween’ Movie