Screening Schedule


Thursday, Oct. 1

5:00 – North Carolina Block (64 min.)

  • Backward Creep (Soon to be a feature filmed on the Outer Banks; 5 min.) – A group of cosplayers driving to an anime convention are haunted by a supernatural entity after reading a cursed Manga.
  • Department 666 (10 min.) – A recently deceased man discovers that the afterlife isn’t quite what he was expecting.
  • Shelter (12 min.) – Two troubled teenagers run from a court-ordered wilderness program, taking shelter in an abandoned cabin.
  • Uncle Otto’s Truck (19 min.) – Based on the short story by Stephen King, the tale of a man obsessed by a truck that he’s convinced is out to get him.
  • Bella and the Slasher (18 min.) – Bella is a girl that can’t seem to fit in… but also doesn’t want to. In an attempt to connect with her shadowy past, she discovers the most unusual type of friendship.

7:00 – Fever Dreams (filmed in North Carolina; 78 min.) – In the vein of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, four spellbinding vignettes of suspense draw you into Fever Dreams.

9:00 – Horror Block One (56 min.)

  • Rutting Season (6 min.) – Virtual Premiere – A tow-truck driver aids a traumatized motorist following her car/deer collision.
  • Circle of Stone (20 min.) – From the Oscar winning director of Pixar’s Brave, when rural cops respond to a call for help from one of their own, their search through the woods reveals what happened to a young girl stolen away sixty years before. They find themselves stuck in a supernatural world with their only escape to fight their way out.
  • All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (30 min.) – Based on the short story by Stephen King, a salesman’s love of bathroom graffiti may save his life on a cold, dark Nebraska night.

10:31 – The Day After Halloween (82 min.) – North Carolina Premiere – Two lifelong friends must unravel the events that lead to a dead girl in their bathtub the day after a Halloween party.

Friday, Oct. 2

5:00 – International Block (39 min.)

  • Malakout (Iran; 10 min.) – Music was his passion… Love was his masterpiece…
  • Together (Ukraine; 7 min.) – A short horror film about solitude and anxiety during self-isolation caused with COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. It tells the story about a girl who is living alone and senses that someone or something else is in her flat.
  • Swipe (Netherlands-based director; 6 min.) – A girl finds out that she has a match on a dating app with a stranger, despite swiping him to the left moments ago. She starts to fear that the man is dangerously close to her.
  • Clout (Canada; 16 min.) – North Carolina Premiere – Lyra is living a pinterest-perfect life as a social media influencer until both her and her following begin to crumble. Is her downfall just the work of a new algorithm, or something out of this world?

6:00 – Cult of Nightmares (Canada; 87 min.)  – World Premiere – An insomnia drug mysteriously linked to the military and its Global War on Terror causes strange nightmares that are ignored by the press. When a young security guard takes a job following a woman fighting the media blackout, he’s sucked into a larger conspiracy involving a plot tied to the One Percent and a bizarre cult from the 1900s.

8:00 – Comedy Block (80 min.)

  • Six Day Back (4 min.) – Three bodybuilders sing about a revolutionary new workout regimen.
  • Out of the Woods (16 min.) – Bigfoot looks for happiness.
  • You Up? (12 min.) – A dark comedy about insomnia where Nina, a young nurse, is trying to sleep at night, and being tormented by the personification of insomnia, an annoying clown-like creature named Sonja. Sonja is Nina’s subconscious who lives under her bed and comes out after dark as soon as Nina lays her head down to sleep.
  • Zombie Bites Werewolf (10 min.) – A hapless werewolf is bitten by a zombie on the day of a full moon. High jinks ensue.
  • The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made (13 min.) – Based on the true story of a group of friends attempting to make a movie, and the non-literal massacre of what could have easily been The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made.
  • What the Spell? (16 min.) – North Carolina Premiere – A girl and her BFF drunkenly cast a death spell on her cheating boyfriend. To their surprise it actually works, what the HELL do they do now?!
  • Make a Wish (9 min.) – A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

10:31 – Mass Hysteria (71 min.) (*NC Only) – A group of Salem Witch Trial re-enactors  find themselves the target of a modern day witch hunt after a tourist dies on Halloween night during their reenactment play.

Saturday, Oct. 3

3:00 – Horror Block Two (58 min.)

  • Snake Eyes: An ASMR Nightmare Experience (9 min.) – An angel finds herself in an empty black abyss, forced to gamble her life with the purest form of evil.
  • The Chrysalis (10 min.) – A young man moves in with his mother, a retired entomologist, to assist her battle with dementia. His stay quickly descends into a nightmare as his mother’s aggression and strange behavior gives light to something more insidious at play.
  • Orisha (24 min.) – When Brennan begins experiencing Stigmata, his friends Rody and Kira must find a way to save him from the clutches of a powerful deity.
  • Box Fort (15 min.) – One weekend while their parents are away, three sisters decide to build a box fort. As strange things start to happen around them, they wonder if someone or someTHING is living inside of it. Based on the CreepyPasta and r/NoSleep short story by Mallory Eddy.

4:00 – The Bloody Man (133 min.) – A coming-of-age horror film set in the 1980s where Sam is struggling with family, friends, school, and the most evil being he can imagine…The Bloody Man, who is unknowingly summoned and will stop at nothing to destroy everything Sam holds dear.

7:00 – Ten Minutes to Midnight (73 min.) (*NC Only) – Caroline Williams returns to the DJ booth for the first time since her star-making turn as Stretch in 1986’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as Amy Marlowe, a veteran late night radio host on the eve of forced retirement trapped inside the station by a violent hurricane after being bitten by a rabid bat.

9:00 – Halloween Block (25 min.)

  • The Halloween Elevator (4 min.) – It’s Halloween night and costumed party guests take an elevator ride to the top of the penthouse; while a killer is on the loose.
  • No One is Coming (8 min.) – North Carolina Premiere – A young woman awaits the return of her boyfriend at a secluded cabin only to discover that she may in fact not be alone.
  • Pumpkyn (13 min.) – An odd, shy girl meets two other girls at their old high school on Halloween night.

10:31 – They Live Inside Us (107 min.) – World Premiere – Seeking inspiration for a new writing project, a man spends Halloween night in a notoriously haunted house.


*Mass Hysteria and Ten Minutes to Midnight will be available only for viewers in North Carolina.

***PLEASE NOTE: All short film blocks and feature films will have a limited watch window that must be started within two hours of the scheduled start time and concluded within three hours.***


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