Rubie’s Unveils Michael Myers ‘Halloween 4’ Mask!

Rubie’s Costume Company has just unveiled their new 2016 officially licensed Michael Myers mask inspired by Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers!

The deluxe 100 percent latex overhead mask is an officially licensed Halloween 4 costume accessory designed to fit teens and adults.

Scroll down to check out a photo of the new mask.

You can order yours HERE!

Rubie’s is also releasing an officially licensed Halloween 5 Michael Myers mask this year, and we will have it for you right here as soon as it is online, in addition to their 2015 Michael Myers deluxe mask from the original Halloween (order yours HERE).

Michael Myers 'Halloween 4' deluxe latex mask by Rubie's

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  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    Do the masks come in some type of display packaging or loose, like the masks you find at the local stores?

  • Ryan Herbert Walker Hunter

    First John Carpenter reveals he’s going to help produce the next Halloween film-installment…then, last week TOT announced they’re making a Captain Kirk, and now Rubies announces they’re going to drop H4 & H5 masks…what an exciting year of news for us “Halloween” fans! I never thought these things would EVER happen!

  • Christopher Zephro

    That is the Artist Edition. Will reserve judgement until I see the production copies from China.

    • Ryan Herbert Walker Hunter

      There was a kid on facebook yesterday that claimed he already has one delivered from Rubies. He took pics and a video, but there were suspiciously removed today. Not sure if Rubies made him take it down…but it was a decent mask, I’d give it 3 of 4 stars.

  • Lawanda Thompson

    This new mask is horrible! What in the Sam Loomis are they doing?? Trying to really screw up one of the greatest and iconic character/movie ever written?? This mask look cartoonist. I don’t like it. It sucks.

Rubie’s Unveils Michael Myers ‘Halloween 4’ Mask!