‘Dead by Daylight’ Ghostface Skins Costumes Coming 2021

In addition to a new, more screen accurate version of the iconic Ghostface mask and costume, Fun World is also set to release multiple new Ghostface masks and costumes representing the character’s various skins from the horror video game Dead by Daylight, also coming for Halloween 2021.

Read on for a preview of the new looks coming this year.

The Viper Face costume includes mask, red hooded sleeveless vest and tattered long sleeve robe, belts, and gloves, available in adult (pictured below) and child sizes.

The Viper Face costume is not complete without the officially licensed Onyx Knife accessory prop weapon.

The Devil Face costume includes shirt, hooded tunic, gloves, and a blood red horned version of the Ghostface mask, available in adult (pictured below) and child sizes.

Debuted in the game in 2021, the new Scorched Ghostface costume includes mask (also available separately), hooded vest, robe, belt, gloves, available in adult (pictured below) and child sizes.

According to the developer, a recurring event in the game every year for Halloween is called “the blight,” during which cankerous plants appear around the realm. With the serum extracted out of them, a character named the Alchemist tortures the Dead by Daylight killers in experiments, which transform them into even more gruesome monsters, as the serum exaggerates the unique features of each killer. All of the blighted outfits feature the orange color, usually incandescent. All killers also feature a syringe in their back with a unique ID (per killer), showing where the alchemist injected the serum.

For Scorched Ghostface, it was imagined the man and the alter ego got merged into one being, as the mask and shroud melted and integrated with the man’s flesh, making the character more gory, as if the serum’s acid destroyed his flesh while still keeping him alive. This is illustrated further in the cavity in his chest, showing glowing organs.

And of course the Scorched Ghostface Knife accessory prop is the final touch to complete an authentic version of this Dead by Daylight skin.

Pre-orders for these 2021 products are not yet open as of this writing, but we will let you know as soon as they are. Additional info can be found at the official Fun World site.

In addition to the new Dead by Daylight versions of the Ghostface costume, there is also a new film-accurate version of the classic Ghostface mask and costume celebrating this year’s 25th anniversary of Scream, ahead of the upcoming fifth Scream movie that is coming in January 2022. See more here.

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