P.J. Soles Totally Confirms ‘Halloween’ 35 Years of Terror Appearance! [Exclusive]

 We had the awesome pleasure this week of talking to Halloween star and movie icon P.J. Soles, who confirmed exclusively to HalloweenDailyNews.com that she will be appearing at the upcoming 35 Years of Terror anniversary event.

“I was asked, and I will totally be there,” Soles told us yesterday during our special interview on this year’s 35th anniversary of John Carpenter’s Halloween, part of our ongoing retrospective series, which you can get a preview of below!

“It’s just an unbelievable feeling of love to know that all these people are still impacted by this movie,” P.J. told us about the lasting impact of John Carpenter’s Halloween now going on three and half decades after its initial release in 1978.

“They have Halloween parties,” she said, “and they play the movie on Halloween, and they watch it with their son or daughter and it’s their tradition that they do every Halloween. I just hear it over and over again in whatever state I go to. It’s amazing. You carve your pumpkin, pick your costume, get your candy ready by the door, and watch Halloween.”

The fan support for the original film, and in fact the entire franchise, seems to be at an all time high right now, with many of the cast members more accessible than ever thanks to various convention appearances and the advent of social media.

Soles tells us that she never tires of meeting new fans, as generation and generation keeps discovering Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis, and the girls of Haddonfield.

“You know the Rolling Stones are on their 50th anniversary tour,” said P.J. “So maybe we’ll have a 50th anniversary (convention) of Halloween, you know? That would be amazing, and it’s possible, because who thought it would last this long? People seem to be more interested than ever in wanting to know every little detail.”

Soles said she feels the big reason that interest in the film is higher than ever right now is that so many of the cast and crew are currently more accessible than ever to fans.

 “Jaime (Lee Curtis) did that (HorrorHound) convention,” she said, “and it was a wonderful cause for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. I think they raised over $180,000, and just the fact that that movie could actually help in a charity arena is fabulous.

“The fact that John Carpenter is willing to come and speak to people and sign autographs and tell his personal stories, as well as Tommy Lee Wallace and all the actors. I mean, everybody really from the original Halloween has been making the rounds and talking to fans, and I think the fans more than ever, because of Facebook and having this access, want to have these questions that they have answered, no matter how small or big they are. 

“Whether they want to be film students or they’re just people who want to know because they love the original movie, it’s been very fulfilling for everybody. And if they’re bringing their kids to conventions where I’m at, then those kids are going to bring their kids, so let’s go for the 50th like the Rolling Stones.”

The 35 Years of Terror Halloween anniversary event is happening November 15-17 in Pasadena, California, and while details remain few, P.J. tells us that she has been invited and plans to attend.

“I’m totally going to be there,” P.J. told us. “Hopefully Nancy Loomis (Kyes) will be there, and maybe they’ll get John Michael Graham, who plays Bob. I will be there, of course. I was invited, and I said yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

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P.J. Soles Totally Confirms ‘Halloween’ 35 Years of Terror Appearance! [Exclusive]