Jamie Lee Curtis Auctioning Off Signed ‘Halloween’ Mask

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis is selling off a Michael Myers mask signed by numerous cast members from the 1978 John Carpenter classic after realizing that it is a rare treasure for fans of the horror franchise and great way to raise money for charity.

Curtis was only 19 when she played Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s classic film and she still has a lot of keepsakes from the set, including four masks worn by Michael Myers. Now one of them is going under the hammer to help the actress raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The sale began on Charitybuzz.com on Tuesday and will run until Halloween, October 31.

Curtis tells EW.com, “I had this epiphany about a year ago after I realized that the people that love horror films love them with a fervor that I maybe don’t even understand. I realized that there’s a way to monetize my fame and to try to connect it to something that can raise money for charity.

“I’m not someone who hoards things, but I realized that I have a few things that are potentially very valuable. And the first thing I have are these masks. The second thing I have are the actual clapboards for syncing the film that are at the beginning of every shot in a movie. And I have every one of them from every movie, including the original ‘Halloween’ clapboard.

“This mask is actually signed by as many people as I could get to, so I would be hard-pressed to imagine anyone has anything with those signatures on it. … This mask has a group of signatures that would be very hard to replicate, and I’ve numbered them. There are five masks, and this is number one of five that is going up for auction.”

Click here to place your bid on this one of a kind collectible!


Matt Artz

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