Rob Zombie’s ’31’ Will Be Set On Halloween Night

Since surprising fans with a brief and mysterious teaser video last month, little has been know about Rob Zombie’s next film 31, but Zombie has now confirmed that it is an original horror film set on Halloween night and featuring a new clown character, not affiliated with either the House of 1000 Corpses or Halloween franchises.

In a recent interview, Zombie tells Radio Metal, “31, yeah, because it takes place on October 31st.”

Asked if the clown in the teaser video has anything to do with Captain Spaulding, Zombie explains, “No, it’s totally different. All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.

“There’s a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesn’t look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie won’t.”

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Are you ready to see Rob Zombie direct another Halloween themed movie (his fourth following House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, and Halloween II)?


Matt Artz

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