Entertainment Weekly Names John Carpenter 2014’s Most Influential Director!

Entertainment Weekly has just put out an awesome new article calling the legendary John Carpenter the most influential director of 2014!

The article features new quotes from Carpenter, and sites numerous recent films that owe huge debts to Carpenter’s work, including The Purge, Cold in July, Blue Ruin, Almost Human, Stage Fright, and The Guest.
The director of The Guest, Adam Wingard (You’re Next) even teases that his upcoming film will pay tribute to both Carpenter’s original Halloween and Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

“It takes place during Halloween and there’s a lot of references in the film to not just Halloween but actually Halloween III,” says Wingard. “That ended up being this really weird, obscure influence, which is a funny film to homage because it’s a lot of people’s least favorite one. But that movie has its own, interesting sci-fi quality. Plus, it might actually be John Carpenter’s best score.”
Click here to read the full story over at EW!

Matt Artz

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