Justin Beahm Announces ‘The Halloween Film Companion’ Book

Horror writer Justin Beahm has just announced the first details of his new book project, entitled The Halloween Film Companion, which sounds like something we will have to add to our bookshelf.
You can read the official announcement from Beahm, who directed the Halloween documentary You Can’t Kill the Bogeyman, below.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and arrives in the midst of my favorite time of year. I grew up in Iowa, where all seasons are special. There is no dulling of the intense color changes, temperature fluctuations, smells in the air, weight of the snow when winter comes knocking, and the enchanting warmth of late spring thunderstorms. There are many reasons for a kid to love Halloween, and for me one of the biggest was that all my favorite films cropped up on television alongside holiday themed programs from everyone from the Peanuts gang to Roseanne.

THE HALLOWEEN FILM COMPANION book is my tribute to October 31st, the date on the calendar that ultimately led me to everything I am doing today. It is the date that inspired my love of cinema in leading me first to the Universal monster movies, and over time, to Carpenter’s eponymous 1978 classic, and beyond.

The HALLOWEEN film franchise, now totaling ten films (and counting) will provide the skeleton around which THE HALLOWEEN FILM COMPANION will thoroughly explore the long list of genre films and entertainment set on or around this special night. From motion pictures to serials to shorts to the horror hosts that led the way for many of us, this is the ultimate tribute to the time of year when the chill inspires, the candy delights, and the entertainment is second to none.

Matt Artz

Founded Halloween Daily News in 2012 and the Halloween International Film Festival in 2016. Professional writer/journalist/photographer since 2000.