Michael Myers Invades ‘Eastbound and Down’

The Halloween legacy has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years, and we want to pay tribute to each one of those shout-outs in a new regular feature here at Halloween Daily News, this time focusing on a 2009 episode of the HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down!

In the third episode of the show’s first season, titled simply “Chapter 3”, Kenny Powers’ future wife April (Katy Mixon) tries on an old Kenny Powers mask from his glory days as a Major League Baseball player, to which Powers, played by Danny McBride, comments, “You look like a retarded Michael Myers.”

The Season 1 “Chapter 3” episode of Eastbound and Down featuring this mention of Michael Myers can currently be viewed in Amazon Prime via instant streaming here.

Where else have you seen Halloween referenced in popular culture?

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Matt Artz

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