Cypress Hill Calls Out Michael Myers on “Rise Up”

The Halloween legacy has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years, and we want to pay tribute to each one of those shout-outs in a new regular feature here at Halloween Daily News, this time focusing on the 2010 track “Rise Up” by rap pioneers Cypress Hill featuring former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello!

Following the second chorus of the song at about the 2:50 mark, the boogeyman himself Michael Myers is clearly referenced by Cypress Hill founding rapper Sen Dog when he breaks out the line “I go psycho, crazy Michael Myers, I set the stage on fire”.

You can watch the official video for “Rise Up” by Cypress Hill featuring Tom Morello in the player below!

Where else have you seen (or heard) Halloween referenced in popular culture?

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Matt Artz

Founded Halloween Daily News in 2012 and the Halloween International Film Festival in 2016. Professional writer/journalist/photographer since 2000.