These Custom ‘Halloween’ Dolls Are Killer!

While there have been some excellent officially licensed Michael Myers figures and collectibles made available over the years, unfortunately we have yet to get the definitive Laurie Strode to add to our shelf, much less a Jamie Lloyd figure, but reader Heath Newman wants to correct that with his new custom-made dolls based on some of your favorite female characters from the Halloween movie franchise.

In addition to the above likeness of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode from John Carpenter’s Halloween, you can scroll down to view Newman’s versions of Lynda and Annie, as well as Mrs. Alves and Nurse Jill from Halloween II, Jamie Lloyd(!) from Halloween 4, and even Tina from Halloween 5!

If you want to add any of these custom Halloween dolls to your collection, you can order yours via here.

Which one is your favorite?


Matt Artz

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