Twitter Reacts to ‘Halloween Returns’ Announcement

It’s been one week since Halloween Returns was officially announced, and while we await more details about the plot, Michael Myers’ anticipated big screen comeback has been a hot topic on social media over the last seven days.

Fans and celebrities alike have expressed mostly excitement, and an some cases lack thereof, for the upcoming eleventh installment in horror’s most hallowed franchise, including the new film’s writer Patrick Melton, original Halloween star Kyle Richards, and Hatchet director (and admitted Halloween fanatic) Adam Green, among hundreds of others.

Here we have compiled a few of our favorite tweets from fans and notable genre personalities that was saw in the last week. If you caught a great reaction that we missed, feel free to share the link in the comments!
Photo taken by Conal Cochran. @MarcusDunstan
— Patrick Melton (@PatrickWMelton) June 19, 2015

— Kyle Richards (@KyleRichards) June 17, 2015

YAY THIS !! —> @STYDNews: Dimension Films officially announces HALLOWEEN RETURNS, directed by @MarcusDunstan
— Adam Green (@Adam_Fn_Green) June 15, 2015

Fingers crossed for @BenAffleck as Michael Myers. #Halloween #HalloweenReturns #MichaelMyers
— Justin Beahm (@justinbeahm) June 15, 2015

#HalloweenReturns has me pumped reading it’s a direct sequel to the 1981 film. Maybe @danacarvey will come back? #MichaelMyersMonday
— Stephen Colvin (@Colvin77) June 16, 2015

It would be cool if @halloweengal was cast as a new character in #HalloweenReturns. #HatTrick #MichaelMyersMonday
— Frank G. Lloyd Jr. (@frankglloydjr) June 15, 2015

@HalloweenDaily I could give you guys a huge kiss right now thanks for making my Halloween special once again
— Albert molnar (@Samhain51) June 15, 2015

@DimensionFilms #HalloweenReturns Please ask @KyleRichards to come back to the series !!!
— Dylan Arnold (@dylanarnold_) June 15, 2015

#HalloweenReturns better be a sequel to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
— Indominus Jose (@JoseSalvadorIII) June 15, 2015

@PatrickWMelton SO excited for #HalloweenReturns! As long as Michael has his classic mask, I’m satisfied!
— Keith (@TwistedKhy) June 15, 2015

Do the makers of #HalloweenReturns think that the famous franchise’s masked killer is named “Halloween”?
— WABI SABI for ROBOTS (@WabiSabi4Robots) June 16, 2015

Is Busta Rhymes free #HalloweenReturns
— Darth Jeremy (@BautistaBomb) June 15, 2015

Can’t wait for the new Halloween movie titled #HalloweenReturns. I have got my hands on some concept work.
— MICHAEL MYERS (@TheKillerMyers) June 21, 2015

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(‘Halloween Returns’ fan art by Lars Karlsen)

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