[Fan Film] ‘Halloween: Resurgence’

There are literally hundreds of Halloween-inspired fan films on the internet, and Halloween Daily News is excited to showcase some of the best and most original that we have seen.

Today we’re featuring the 2012 feature length fan film Halloween: Resurgence, an unofficial sequel to the original series, set after the events of Halloween: Resurrection. Haddonfield has once again banned all Halloween celebrations, but when the new residents of the former “Myers property” take their friends out to the old Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for a rebellious night of spooky fun, they soon enough come face to face with The Boogeyman himself.

There are tons of visual references to Carpenter’s original as well as many of the other sequels, and enough homages and nods to the entire franchise to keep fans picking them out even on repeat viewings.

Halloween Resurgence is written and directed by Darren Jones.

Watch the film in the player below, and then give us your thoughts in the comments!

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[Fan Film] ‘Halloween: Resurgence’