Kids Halloween Party Goes Wrong in ‘Guignol’ Illustrated Book

Obscurity Publishing has announced the debut of Guignol – A Tale of Escalating Horror, an all-new illustrated horror adventure series from New Orleans indie creators Brett Schwaner and Keith Hogan. 
Guignol is the tale of an ordinary children’s Halloween play gone horribly wrong, but with a shocking twist. You can check out the full cover art below!
In French theater, a “guignol” is a play in which everyone dies.
Far from being a children’s story, Guignol – A Tale of Escalating Horror draws inspiration from such modern adult classics as The Walking Dead and Battle Royale, and a general love of all things Halloween.
 The play which the children perform within the story is inspired by The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s classic play about the Salem Witch Trials. While The Crucible is considered appropriate material for teenagers, and is often performed for high school audiences, it would seem slightly disarming if performed by a class of 5th graders. The story unfold over six weeks leading up to October 31.
Featuring over 300 pages of story by author Brett Schwaner and 50 original illustrations by artist Keith Hogan, Guignol – Book One debuts the week of September 8, 2015.
The first printing is available by pre-order only through July 31st at
A new volume in the series is planned for release every September, just in time for Halloween.

Matt Artz

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