Alan Howarth Ready To Score ‘Halloween Returns’

Alan Howarth has been an integral part of the Halloween movie franchise for most of its existence, having worked alongside John Carpenter in composing the soundtracks to Halloween II and III, and eventually taking the reigns himself for the Thorn Trilogy of Halloween 4 through 6, and he is ready to do it again on the upcoming Halloween Returns.

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We got the opportunity to interview Howarth a few days ago at the epic gathering of Halloween icons at the 2015 Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention, during which the composer expressed his very serious desire to provide the soundtrack for Michael Myers’ next big screen comeback.

UPDATE: Scroll down to the end of the interview to see what Halloween Returns director Marcus Dunstan tweeted about this article!

While he has not yet been in contact with the producers of the new film, nor writer Patrick Melton or director Marcus Dunstan, Howarth believes that, aside from Carpenter himself, no one else is more qualified for the job of scoring the new movie.

“Instead of hiring some kid to sound like me, they should just hire me,” Howarth tells Halloween Daily News.

“Let’s think about this for a second. If they’re going to go back to the original format, and the look and feel and sound of that stuff, why wouldn’t they want me to do the music? I’m the one guy that knows everything. I think it’d be great if the fans sort of used social media to let the producers know they really want that to happen.

“Really, when you think about it, if you want to make a Halloween, you need Michael Myers and the mask, you need a good story, and you need the music. Those three things, and it’s another Halloween, and everybody will like it and they’ll buy into it, as opposed to hate it. I think it’s a great opportunity.

“I’d love to do it. Hopefully, they’ll call me up and we’ll do that. If they don’t, then it’s a missed a opportunity.”

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We will have our full interview with Alan Howarth up later this month, in which we discuss the musician’s writing process, his thoughts on the Halloween films he contributed to, and learning from the School of Carpenter. Until then, tell us in the comments if you would like to see Alan Howarth return to compose the soundtrack for Halloween Returns!

Dunstan and Melton have both made it clear that they are listening to what the fans are asking for regarding the new film, so a strong surge of fan support behind Howarth may be just what it takes for him to get the job. Unless John Carpenter himself is willing to do it, I would totally love to hear what Alan Howarth could come up with. It would certainly be a step in the right direction toward returning to a more old school Michael Myers vibe, as opposed to Zombie’s admittedly amped up version.

Also, if the plot of Halloween Returns does in fact connect to the events of the 1981 Halloween II, as reported but not yet confirmed, it makes even more since to involve Howarth, who worked with Carpenter on that film’s soundtrack.

Filming of Halloween Returns is likely to start this fall, and we are still hearing that Louisiana will be the shooting location, though it has not been officially confirmed.

@Wright_Khalil @PatrickWMelton I kid you not… I was playing this as I read the article! We should be so lucky!

— Marcus Dunstan (@MarcusDunstan) August 13, 2015

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