[Interview] Pat Healy Hunts Killer Pumpkin in ‘Tales of Halloween’

We caught up with Pat Healy at the Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention, where the very busy actor generously gave us a taste of what we can expect from his segment of the highly anticipated horror anthology film Tales of Halloween.

(still from ‘Tales of Halloween’)

While Tales will feature a total of 10 short films from 11 different directors, all set on the same Halloween night in the same town, Healy reveals that his segment is about a killer pumpkin. His costar is Kristina Klebe, of the 2007 Halloween remake.

Read on for our interview with Pat Healy!

“I did the segment directed by Neil Marshall, who did The Descent and Centurion and Dog Soldiers. It’s called Bad Seed and it’s about a genetically mutated pumpkin that goes on a killing spree,” Healy told Halloween Daily News.
“Kristina Klebe plays a cop who’s chasing it down, and I’m the forensics guy who’s sort of helping her out. I’m kind of like the Richard Dreyfus character in Jaws. I measure the bite radius of the pumpkin and all that stuff. It was fun. “
How was it working with Neil Marshall?
“It was great. He’s a lovely guy. I really wanted to work with Neil, and I had a great time working with Kristina. Joe Dante is in our segment, and John Savage and a bunch of other people because the stories are sort of interwoven, so some of the other actors and directors from other segments are in ours. I think Adam Green is in ours. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing it too. I haven’t seen it yet.”

Pat Healy interviewed by HDN editor-in-chief Matt Artz at Flashback Weekend Chicago 2015 (photo by HalloweenDailyNews.com)
How do you feel in general about Halloween? Do you like Halloween?
“I don’t particularly like to go out on any nights like St. Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve, like I stay away. I just worry about all the maniacs out there. And also I think because I dress up for a living it’s not as exciting to me as it might be. I mean, I’ve done it. Every once in a while I’ll have a Halloween costume or whatever.
“I like a lot of the movies.”
Do you have kids?
“I have nieces and nephews, and I do take my nephew trick-or-treating down at Long Beach and that’s fun, and all the parents are out too. He’s five so he’s mostly scared of everything he sees, but he loves candy, so it all balances out.

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