Watch Fan Propose While Dressed As Michael Myers!

A Halloween movie fan has taken his love of Michael Myers to new heights by dressing as the infamous masked killer to first spook his girlfriend by re-enacting a scene from John Carpenter’s Halloween and then shock her even more by removing the mask and proposing to her. This is clear proof that Michael Myers may be the baddest fictional serial killer of all time, but he is also bringing people together.

Alec Wells, 20, had friends record his proposal to his horror obsessed girlfriend, Katherine Canipe, 30, back on October 2014, which he then edited with actual clips from the film and uploaded to YouTube yesterday. 

Since the couple live in California near the South Pasadena neighborhood where Carpenter shot the original film, Wells lured his girlfriend to the street where some of our favorite scenes were filmed to give her one hell of a good scare. 
“Katherine is a complete horror movie fanatic,” Alec told Daily Mail Online. “She hosts a podcast about horror movies called, Boys and Ghouls and John Carpenter’s Halloween is her favorite movie of all time.”
He goes on to tell the outlet, “It seemed only natural – given that we live so close to the original filming locations – that her proposal come from Michael Myers himself. It’s such an iconic moment in the film – the first time Michael materializes mere feet away from Jamie Lee Curtis’ character. It’s scary and surreal; just the way I wanted to proposal to feel. That sequence was also filmed on the very street where I proposed, so it was kismet.”
Watch the video the player below, and then tell us what you think in the comments!


Matt Artz

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