Check Out New Zombie Skeleton Crazy Bonez! [Photo Gallery]

Crazy Bonez has released a new zombie version of their popular poseable skeleton prop for this Halloween, along with an appropriately named Lazy Bonez skeleton that comes with his own hammock to kick back on while enjoying the afterlife.

The zombie skeleton Crazy Bonez is insanely lifelike, standing a full five feet tall, and is fully posable with numerous points of articulation, while remaining surprising lightweight considering the quality. To top it all off, his gooey zombified insides glow, changing colors from green to red when the power switch is turned on.

This guy is seriously a ton of fun to play with. We had ours sit with us at the breakfast table, cheer along during the football game, and hang out in the back yard.

My 8-year-old son enjoyed pretending he was being attacked by the creature, who we all consider to be a new member of the family now.

The small loop on his head made it real easy to attach him to branch in the backyard where he could then easily stand on his own two feet on his own, with the slight assist from the attached loop.

His only clothing is a torn and bloody white shirt and tattered dark blue pants.

The Crazy Bonez posable zombie skeleton will easily provide hours of entertainment for our family, and I’m sure yours as well.

The chilled out companion of Crazy Bonez is its Lazy Bonez counterpart, which comes attached to a replica rope hammock and dressed in a reaper’s robe.

Lazy Bonez has no actual body, but wire insides underneath the robe, again allowing you to easily pose his boney foam hands, legs, and feet however you see fit.

The skull face is pretty generic, but I appreciate the attention to detail regarding the rungs of the hammock, made to appear as a more Halloween friendly rigid stone.

The hammock includes enough rope on both ends to effortlessly hang it between two nearby branches in your yard, or it is light enough to be supported by two nails inside or on the porch.

Also available is the very creepy Kitty Bonez posable skeleton cat, the purrfect addition to the family of skeletons. It features a viciously fanged swivel head, movable legs, and a long skinny tail.

The cat stands pretty much at spooked out attention, with spine arched up as if about to pounce on its prey. The only improvements I would recommend for future versions is a more flexible spine and additional articulation points in the legs that would allow for even more posing options.

Each of these props are great for haunting or decorating, and how posable they are means endless possibilities and ways to freak out your neighbors.

All of these Halloween decorations are available now from our friends at

Scroll down to view our photo gallery featuring Crazy Bonez, Lazy Bonez, and Kitty Bonez below, and then click HERE to order yours!

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Check Out New Zombie Skeleton Crazy Bonez! [Photo Gallery]