[Review] ‘Night of the Demons’ is Perfect Halloween Party Soundtrack

The ultimate playlist for the most killer Halloween party has arrived with the far too long overdue release of the Night of the Demons original soundtrack by Dennis Michael Tenney, available now for the first time not only on CD but vinyl and cassette as well, from Lunaris Records
I absolutely love Night of the Demons as one of my all time favorite Halloween movies, an annual must-watch every October at my house, and it always brings great joy to hear those classic opening notes to the film’s main theme, playing over that awesome animated opening credits sequence. It’s a warm and safe reminder that my favorite season is upon us and it’s time to party, and blasting the familiar stomping build up over the big speakers at home this week when I popped my CD gave me chills with excitement.

Composed and performed by Dennis Michael Tenney, brother of the film’s director Kevin Tenney, the Night score is a wicked ride through ’80s synth crossed with classic heavy metal riffs, bringing back fond memories of a horror classic and getting me primed to go trick or treating.

All the memorable instrumental themes from the movie are included, but the real highlights are a trio of hard rock songs that perfectly capture the film’s 1988 setting while still holding up remarkably well as extremely enjoyable songwriting that demands that you bang your head and turn up the volume. 

“Computer Date” is pure punk rock adrenaline, while “Victims of the Press” introduces background vocals and plays up the ’80s big chorus and sharp electric guitar, but the biggest standout is the epic “The Beast Within”, featured prominently in the film and anchoring the soundtrack a little over halfway through its over 90-minute running time.

Some of the lesser remembered deep cut tracks are likely the ones everyone will be using inside their haunted houses this year, effectively setting an eerie, brooding mood.

While there is understandably none of Bauhaus’s “Stigmata Martyr”, likely due to copyright issues, all of the tracks composed for the film are included on this monumental release, in addition to some very cool and creepy “FX” tracks that wrap up the soundtrack.

The striking new cover art by Devon Whitehead depicts all your favorite characters from the film in a retro-tastic bloody homage to one of my all time favorite genre movies.

Available now for the first time on cassette tape and CD, you can also choose from various vinyl options, featuring transparent red 2xLP with spot-varnished gatefold jacket.

Inside, there is a heartfelt and humorous liner note written by the film’s director Kevin Tenney.

Night of the Demons is the perfect soundtrack for the ultimate Halloween party from hell.

You can order yours on CD, cassette, or multiple vinyl packages from Lunaris Records here, and then scroll down to view our photo gallery of the CD packaging and artwork!


Matt Artz

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