5 Best Halloween Movies of 2015

The horror community has always generously gravitated to the Halloween season as setting and subject matter for numerous films, but the “Halloween Horror” subgenre truly hit its stride in 2015, with a ton of movies released that celebrated our favorite day, many destined for annual ritualistic viewings each October to come.

Tales of Halloween

Here are our picks of The 5 Best Halloween Movies of 2015!

05. BURYING THE EX – This horror comedy from the director of Gremlins and The ‘Burbs is about an obsessive ex-girlfriend who comes back from the grave to be with her true love, even though he has happily moved on and found his actual soulmate. It takes place during Halloween season, with a climactic scene of the zombie girl going trick or treating and looking for “something good too eat”. (Available on Netflix.)

04. PAY THE GHOST – A happy couple loses their young son at a New York City Halloween carnival and become understandably unraveled over the next year, until they start seeing visions of the boy in the days leading up to the next Halloween night. (Available on Netflix.)

03. – HONEYSPIDER Set in 1989, this is the grainy and unnerving throwback horror movie that genre fans have been begging for, an original and lovingly crafted exploration into evil, bathed in the sweet honey that is Halloween night. Read our review here! (Available on Amazon Prime / VOD.)

02. HELLIONS – A pregnant teen just wants one last night of childhood fun, but it’s Halloween, and a gang of malevolent trick-or-treaters are about to come knocking in this trippy vision of holiday terror saturated in the spirit of the season. (Available on VOD.)

01. TALES OF HALLOWEEN – The must-see new Halloween movie of 2015, this anthology is packed with 10 short films from 11 of horror’s hottest directors, all set on the same night in the same town, celebrating everything that we love most about our favorite holiday. The wickedly playful spirit of All Hallows’ Eve is alive in each story, playing on traditions both old and new, and Tales of Halloween is a big bag filled with darkly humorous tricks and bloody tasty treats, a love letter to the most wonderful day of the year.  Read our review here! (Available on VOD.)

Honorable Mentions also go out to the anthology sequel ALL HALLOW’S EVE 2 and the supernatural thriller THE HOLLOW, both of which were released (on VOD) in 2015 and I look forward to viewing soon!


Matt Artz

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