(UPDATE) Rumor: Michael Myers Moving to TV?

While producer Malek Akkad and Trancas International continue to shop the Halloween movie franchise around for a new distributor, following an unexpected split from Dimension Films after 20 years, there are rumors today that Michael Myers could be following Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, and (soon) Jason Voorhees to the small screen.

UPDATE (2/26/16): Dread Central has a quote from Malek Akkad stating that “No” the franchise is not going to TV and calling this week’s Fangoria story “Utter rumors and falsehoods”.

Fangoria is reporting that they have a source claiming that Akkad and Trancas did not attend the recent European Film Market (EFM) because they are now considering offers to repurpose the franchise as a television series. This is certainly only a (unconfirmed) rumor at this point, but I do not doubt that all options are being considered.

My initial reaction to the Fangoria story is (probably like you) that a Halloween TV series borders on blasphemy. However, after taking a step back for a minute, I could see something like Gotham working, in which maybe we don’t even see Myers, but instead follow a young Dr. Loomis on his weird adventures, as his most frustrating patient with the “blackest eyes” is often references but rarely (if ever) seen. Or maybe it would be more like A&E’s Bates Motel or NBC’s Hannibal (titled Haddonfield of course), in which it takes place in modern times but effectively retells the now-mythical events of the original film. Or maybe it would take place today in Haddonfield with an entirely new group of characters who are terrorized by some unseen, stalking evil.

My biggest fear of a Halloween TV series is that it could possibly mean no more movies. That would be the worst case scenario. But if The Shape was to scare up some new fans on TV before taking his next stab into theaters, I could get on board. But this is only a RUMOR at this point, folks! It’s a direction that could realistically happen and therefore we think it’s worth discussion, but it is far from reality as of this writing.

What do you think? Could Halloween ever work as a TV series? Would you ever be able to accept the franchise as a TV series? Could Michael Myers ever make it back to the big screen after detouring into television? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments!

Matt Artz

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