Jamie Lee Curtis Returning For ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2

It was officially announced over the weekend that Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H20, The Fog) will be returning as Dean Cathy Munsch for the upcoming Season 2 of the hit Fox comedy horror series Scream Queens, joining Emma Roberts (Scream 4), also returning to reprise her role as the supremely bitchy Chanel Oberlin.
The announcement at PaleyFest on Saturday night also confirmed the return of several other cast members from the first season, including Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, Niecy Nash, and Glenn Powell as the hilariously horny Chad Radwell.

During the cast panel, Curtis told the audience, “According to the boss, we are all going to be back.”

Executive producer Brad Falchuk further teased that Curtis’ character will again play an important part in the story line for Season 2. “What’s happened is that Dean Munsch (Curtis) has moved on to great success,” he told the panel audience. “She’s abolished the Greek system in the country, she’s written her book, she’s traveled the world, and she says, ‘I need a new mission. I need a new battle.’ And she identifies healthcare as her new battle.”

As a result, the setting for Season 2 relocates from Wallace University to a hospital that Munsch buys with dreams of changing the system and taking on cases nobody else will take on.

Falchuk also revealed that at the start of season 2: Zayday (Palmer) has graduated from Wallace in two years and is training to become a doctor; Denise (Nash) has joined the FBI, where she’s risen in the ranks; and the Chanels (Breslin, Roberts, Lourd) are in a mental institution, where we last saw them in the Season 1 finale episode. 
”In the era of Making a Murderer, some documentarian might say, ‘I’m going to take on that case of the Red Devil,’” Falchuk joked.
I actually enjoyed the first season of Scream Queens much more than I thought I would, due in no small part to the amazing performance of Curtis and the various horror references sprinkled in, so I am looking forward to another round. But will the Red Devil return? Or will we get a new masked killer stalking the halls of the hospital? 

What did you think of Season 1? Will you be watching Scream Queens Season 2?
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Jamie Lee Curtis Returning For ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2