Tony Moran Returns As Michael Myers In Fan Film ‘The Night Evil Died’

A new fan film continuing the story line from the original Halloween movie series is in the works, with Tony Moran, who memorably played the briefly unmasked version of Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, set to reprise his most iconic role one more time in Halloween: The Night Evil Died.

Writer/director/producer Kohl Bladen explains, “What we are doing is making a feature length fan film that is a continuation of Halloween H20, following the events of Halloween Resurrection.”

Bladen says they even have the blessing of Halloween H20 director Steve Miner.

“We have Tony Moran, the original ‘unmasked’ Michael from Halloween 1978, returning as Michael Myers for one last scare,” said Bladen. “We also have Juli Erickson, who plays one of the main witches on Salem, as part of our cast.”

Erickson will play Pamela Strode, a new character who we have never officially met in the Halloween series, which concluded in 2002 with the eighth movie Halloween: Resurrection.

The ambitious fan film also stars Sarah Cortez, who appeared in this summer’s The Conjuring 2.

We also have exclusive news that Daeg Faerch, who played young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake, is also in talks to join the cast.

From the official synopsis: Halloween: The Night Evil Died opens on the same night of Halloween: Resurrection. Michael wakes up in the morgue and kills the Coroner, before disappearing for fifteen years. The film jumps from 2002 to present day where we meet Emma Tate (John Tate’s Daughter), who recently moved in with her best friend (Carlie Hill) following the death of her father after a battle with cancer.  Being sheltered her whole life and being lied to for her own protection, Emma turns to an online ancestry site to see if she has any living relatives and to find out about her past.

Emma discovers that she has a Great-Grandmother (Pamela Strode) who is still alive in Haddonfield, Illinois. From there she takes a road trip with some friends to meet her Great-Grandmother and to find out truths about her past. Unfortunately she finds out that she is related to Michael Myers and that she has been in danger since birth, and at high risk of a family reunion ever since. Has Emma come to Haddonfield to die? Will this be the end of the Myers’ family bloodline?

 There is currently a crowd funding campaign ongoing at Indiegogo to help raise the funds to make the film happen in exchange for some killer perks, including being featured in the film itself, getting a Michael Myers mask signed by Tony Moran, or a special $10 raffle-style perk in which a lucky contributor’s name will be drawn at the end of the campaign and they will actually be put in a scene playing a neighbor who gets killed by Michael Myers.

You can learn more about how you can get involved and help out with this project here, and then scroll down to watch the teaser video and view an official poster.


'Halloween: The Night Evil Died' fan film poster

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