‘Hellfest’ Sends Killer To Halloween Horror Theme Park!

Hellfest has just shot way up our must-see list thanks to an insanely awesome premise, with the film to be set at a horror theme park during Halloween, where a night of fun turns deadly as a costumed killer begins slaying unsuspecting patrons who believe that it’s all part of the festivities.

As reported by VarietyCBS Films has tapped Jennifer Chambers Lynch (pictured above) to direct ‘Hellfest’, with Gale Anne Hurd producing.

“We have loved the concept of ‘Hellfest’ since Gale brought it to us and we have been waiting for exactly the right director,” said CBS Films President Terry Press. “Jennifer came to us with both the passion and the vision necessary to make ‘Hellfest’ a terrifying Halloween tradition.”

Production will begin this winter at an undisclosed theme park. Alex Ginno and Mark Ross are overseeing the project for CBS Films, and Phillip Kobylanski is shepherding the project for CBS Films.

Lynch, the daughter of David Lynch, has directed episodes of “The Walking Dead,” “Quantico,” “Teen Wolf,” “The Last Ship,” and “Wayward Pines.” Her films include “Boxing Helena,” “Surveillance,” “Hisss,” (pictured below) “Chained,” and “A Fall From Grace.”

Hurd is best known as the executive producer of “The Walking Dead.” Her feature credits include the first three “Terminator” movies, “Aliens,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and “Armageddon.”

Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones, Tales of Halloween) had at one time been in talks to direct, but it seems Lynch will now be the one to take us to Hellfest.

It sounds like this one could not be more up our alley, so we will be following this project closely as it develops.

Who else is excited?

Jennifer Lynch directed 'Hisss'.
Jennifer Lynch directed ‘Hisss’.

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