Here’s Your Map of the Most Haunted Hotels in America

There’s nothing quite like a real life haunted hotel, and we now have the perfect map to make your next road trip the spookiest ever.

Planning your next vacation? This map of haunted hotels, provided by, is a ghost hunter’s paradise.

With this map, you can take a tour of the United States and stay in some of the most haunted hotels in each state, but you’ll have to sleep with one eye open in some of these places so we sincerely hope you don’t plan on taking this time to catch up on sleep.

The accounts of paranormal activity in each venue varies, but the one thing they all have in common is some of their residents have never checked out. Prepare to see apparitions, be touched in your sleep by ghostly hands, or even levitated.

Some of these permanent occupants reportedly enjoy playing tricks and others will not hesitate to tell you to get out of their hotel.

If you are feeling brave, there is a printable map with the shortest route to visit all the hotels in the contiguous states, as well as a handy infographic to help you learn a little bit about each of these haunted hotels, including the spookiest rooms to request at each location, in order to best prepare you for your journey.

Which of these hotels are you most excited to visit? Have you been to any of these hotels before or know someone who has? Share your paranormal experiences with us in the comments!


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Here’s Your Map of the Most Haunted Hotels in America