‘Scream Queens’ Halloween Episode References Michael Myers

In the second episode of Fox’s horror comedy Scream Queens, the show’s star Jamie Lee Curtis gave a subtle nod to her own scream queen past with a head tilt that she said was an homage to her Halloween fans, but in this year’s Season 2 Halloween episode, the series gave a much bigger shout out to Michael Myers himself, as well as Jason Voorhees and … Mike Myers.

In the episode, entitled “Halloween Blues”, which premiered on October 18, Denise Hemphill (played by Niecy Nash) brings a Jason Voorhees costume to the imprisoned killer from Season 1, Hester (played by Lea Michele), who was forced to wear a Hannibal Lecter-style mask in an earlier episode. Hester wants out of her cage so she can attend the C.U.R.E. Institute Halloween party, hosted by Curtis’s Cathy Munsch.

Hemphill says she’ll let Hester our for one night (Halloween night) so she can identify this year’s new killer, and she gives her a Jason Voorhees mask, explaining, “You will wear this costume and you will keep this mask on at all times.”

Hester replies, “Is this a Jason costume?”

Denise: “Yes it is. With you in this costume, it’ll be easy to keep an eye on you, because nobody wants to be Jason on Halloween.”

Hester: “Yes they do. It’s like the most popular costume of all time.”

Denise: “Nuh-uh. Maybe on Friday the 13th. If anything, people want to go as Michael Myers.”

Hester: “I’ve never seen Halloween.”

Denise: “Me neither, but I know Mike Myers played the bad guy. It was like the movie he did right after Wayne’s World.”

While the Michael/Mike Myers punchline may be well worn territory for horror fans, I do appreciate the fact that the scene points out one of my personal biggest pet peeves, which is how many people really do dress up as Jason for Halloween, when he clearly has his own very specific day during which he attacks his victims.

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Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer star in Scream Queens.
Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer star in Scream Queens.

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