Hugh Jackman Dressed as Logan for Halloween (And Nobody Noticed)

Hugh Jackman is currently in theaters playing Marvel fan favorite Wolverine for a record-setting ninth and final time in the R-rated Logan, and during his recent press junket to promote the film, the Van Helsing star talked about taking his son trick-or-treating on Halloween while dressed up as has signature comic book character.

I guess when your dad is Wolverine you get the best Wolverine costume available, which was the case when Hugh’s then 3-year-old son went trick-or-treating as the clawed mutant in a screen-accurate outfit provided by the movie studio, while Jackman himself tagged along as “Logan”.

Earlier this week, Jackman told the Associated Press, “I dressed up once as Logan because my kid, my 3-year-old, went as Wolverine and the costume department gave him the full leather suit and the claws. I’d like to think it was because people were like, ‘Awww, look at that kid’ [but] only one of 50 houses actually recognized me. So I think I could roam the halls of Comic-Con and people would think, ‘Too tall’.”

You can watch the interview clip below, in which begins with Jackman discussing the Wolverine cosplay that he has encountered.

This is almost as great as when we heard William Shatner talking about trick-or-treating as Michael Myers.

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Matt Artz

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