‘SNL’ Host Octavia Spencer Cites Her ‘Halloween II’ Role

Out of all the notable actors and actresses who have come through Haddonfield over the course of 10 movies and almost four decades, only one Halloween franchise alum has been recognized as an Academy Award Winner, and that is the great Octavia Spencer, who cited her brief but memorable role as a doomed nurse in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) during her opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live (SNL) this past weekend.

While many of Halloween‘s former stars have gone on to achieve great heights within the industry, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Williams both receiving multiple Golden Globe Award nominations and Williams having earned four Academy Award nominations, only Octavia Spencer has been awarded an Oscar, for her performance in the 2012 drama The Help.

It’s a well known fact that many huge movie stars and industry award winners got their start in horror movies, but too many of them are happy to bury those credits beneath more “respectable” films on their resume, so it’s great to see an actual Oscar Winner like Spencer not only owning her place in horror history but giving it such a big spotlight as the hallowed opening monologue of SNL.

In the bit, Spencer is recounting how many times she played a nurse in various films before winning her Oscar Award for The Help, and indeed one of those nurse roles placed her inside Haddonfield General Hospital and directly in the path of a decidedly angry Michael Myers in Zombie’s 2009 sequel to his own 2007 Halloween remake.

“Yeah, she got stabbed bad,” the award winner jokes of the ill-fated Nurse Daniels, as a bloody still from Halloween II is shown to the audience.

You can watch Octavia’s opening monologue from this past Saturday’s (March 4) episode of Saturday Night Live below!

Octavia Spencer is Nurse Daniels in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween II' (2009).
Octavia Spencer is Nurse Daniels in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’ (2009).

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