‘The Terror of Hallow’s Eve’ Debuts Official Trailer

The new anti-bullying Halloween horror film The Terror of Hallow’s Eve will have its world premiere screening next month at London’s FrightFest, and an official trailer has arrived online.

The synopsis: Growing up is hard and for fifteen-year-old Timmy Stevens it’s no exception. Scrawny and nerdy, he’s relentlessly tormented by the town bullies. His only escape is his love of horror and the creatures he creates.

A chance run-in with his tormentors in a convenience store parking lot on Halloween leaves Timmy brutally beaten. Walking home he stumbles upon a mysterious pumpkin. Despondent from the vicious attack he escapes to his private world and begins carving the pumpkin, wishing for revenge. Unknowingly, Timmy summons the Trickster, an ancient evil, who offers to grant his wish — scare the bullies to death

The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve stars Caleb Thomas (Highway To Heaven, Statis), JT Neal (Lucky’s Trailer, Roommates), Annie Read (Harley And The Davidsons, Those Left Behind), Juliet Landau (Ed Wood, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Inherent Vice, The Cable Guy), and Doug Jones as The Trickster (Hellboy I & II, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Pan’s Labyrinth), with Christian Kane (Leverage, The Librarian, Angel), and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck, Everwood).

The film is directed by Illusion Industries co-founder Todd Tucker, whose special effect makeup work includes 2009’s Night of the Demons, Watchmen, Charmed, Pirates of the Caribbean, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and far too many more to list here.

It even features the music of John Carpenter himself, using two tracks from Carpenter’s recent albums Lost Themes and Lost Themes II.

We caught up with Tucker recently to ask about how Carpenter’s unmistakable music came to be used, and the director tells Halloween Daily News, “I knew John Carpenter’s wife, Sandy King, and reached out to her when we were making The Terror of Hallow’s Eve. I fell in love with two songs from John’s CDs, Lost Themes I and II.  

“I asked Sandy if I could use the songs in our film, knowing that John didn’t let anyone use his music. I thought it probably wouldn’t happen. To my surprise, she reached me the next day and said, ‘You are good to go, John said, ‘Yes”. Being a huge fan of his films and music, I couldn’t have been happier.” 

The world premiere screening is set for August 28 during the FrightFest film festival, which is happening Aug. 24-29 in London, U.K.

Check out the official trailer and poster for The Terror of Hallow’s Eve below, and get ready to add this one to your Halloween movie collection!

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Matt Artz

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