The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix in October 2017

October is officially in full swing, and that means it’s time to resume our list of the best Halloween-themed movies currently streaming on Netflix this month.

While most scary movies tend to qualify by default as good viewing material for the Halloween season, each of these recommendations actually takes place on or right around the big day and embrace the most wonderful time of year.

Read on for our list of the 10 Best Halloween movies streaming on Netflix in October 2017!

– Tales of Halloween

This epic anthology of 10 interconnected nine-minute shorts from a total of 11 different renowned horror directors, all set on Halloween night in the same town and starring many of your favorite genre actors and actresses, this atmospheric collection of Tales is must-see October viewing.

– Boys in the Trees

From Australia and set on Halloween night in 1997, this unique coming of age story is about two high school friends separated by popularity, who take one last walk home together through the woods.

– Donnie Darko

A trippy mindbending time-travelling cult classic, let Frank the demented bunny countdown the days until Halloween for you in this one of a kind exploration into what it means to be alive.

– Pay the Ghost 

A happy couple loses their young son at a New York City Halloween carnival and become understandably unraveled over the next year, until they start seeing visions of the boy in the days leading up to the next Halloween night.

– Burying the Ex

This horror comedy comes from the director of Gremlins and The ‘Burbs is about an obsessive ex-girlfriend who comes back from the grave to be with her true love, even though he has happily moved on and found his actual soulmate. It takes place during Halloween season, with a climactic scene of the zombie girl going trick or treating and looking for “something good too eat”.

– Sleepy Hollow

The word “Halloween” is never uttered once, but this is undoubtedly one of  the greatest “Halloween time” movies ever made, drenched in the seasonal atmosphere . Pretty much anything directed by Tim Burton could be added to this list, but Sleepy Hollow is the dark director’s ultimate homage to the Hammer horror classics.

– The Houses October Built

A group of friends decides to film a documentary as they search for the most extreme Halloween haunts out there, filmed largely on location at a number of real life attractions. Needless to say, they find everything they are looking for and much more in this unnerving and relentless ode the haunt industry and its rabid, insatiable fans.

– Hellions 

A pregnant teen just wants one last night of childhood fun, but it’s Halloween, and a gang of malevolent trick-or-treaters are about to come knocking in this trippy vision of holiday terror saturated in the spirit of the season.

– Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

Animated fun from Marvel for the whole family, the Hulk teams up with Dr. Strange to battle monsters wreaking havoc in New York on Halloween night, eventually uncovering an evil plot by Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension.

– The Nightmare Before Christmas

From producer Tim Burton and director Henry Sellick, this Disney stop-motion animated classic never gets old, and its opening Halloween Town parade provides the best Halloween song of all time with Danny Elfman’s “This Is Halloween”.

Which of these Halloween movies will be watching this month?

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