[Fan Film] ‘Halloween: Reflections’

There are literally hundreds of Halloween-inspired fan films on the internet, and Halloween Daily News is excited to showcase some of the best and most original that we have seen, and today, we’re featuring the just released Halloween: Reflections.

The film is meant to be “a love letter to the fans of the original movies and characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill”, according to its gofundme page.

Set 40 years after the events of the original 1978 Halloween, this film ignores the events of parts 4-6 and Resurrection, acknowledging only Halloween, Halloween II, and Halloween H20.

It takes place in a world where movie monsters such as Jason, Freddy, and Chucky exist on the big screen, but Michael Myers is real, with a very real history explained via exposition offered up by the four protagonists.

The short is really well made, with tons of fun nods to the original film, while telling a new version of the story all its own. I especially liked the Rabbit in Red T-shirt on one of the characters, while Lovina Yavari is effectively captivating as “Audrey”.

Halloween: Reflections takes the series in a different yet familiar direction adding a modern twist with old school elements. Being dubbed a web series, it is writer/director Jason Costa’s hope that he can take the audience on a ride of horror, suspense, and intrigue further than this first “episode” will allow.

This first episode even ends with a “choose your own adventure” email address through which you can vote on where the story goes from here.

You can watch the fan film Halloween: Reflections Episode 1 below, as well as see some photos of Lovina Yavari recreating some iconic photos by Kim Gottlieb-Walker from the set of Carpenter’s original, and then be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

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Matt Artz

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