‘The Goldbergs’ Lovingly References ‘Halloween III’

In a surreal moment during this week’s episode of the ABC comedy series The Goldbergs, the show’s main character verbally referenced Halloween, while visually giving a nod actually to Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

The show is set in the ’80s and centers around the real life adolescent years of series creator Adam F. Goldberg (played by Sean Giambrone). In the scene, Adam is trying (and failing) to name a fitting romantic movie to inspire his older sister’s relationship with her boyfriend. He looks to his collection of action figures for inspiration, which leads to montage of suggestions, each with a matching figure.

When Adam says “Halloween,” he holds up a “Pumpkin” figure from Halloween III wearing the Silver Shamrock jack-o-lantern mask. The figure can’t be a simple accident, as it is clearly a custom-made collectible that was not mass produced. It is made in the style of the classic Kenner 3.75-inch Star Wars figures of the ’80s. Someone on the show’s production team must be a fan of the 1982 sequel.

Check out a few screen grabs below from The Goldbergs referencing Halloween III: Season of the Witch on the Season 5 episode entitled “The Goldberg Girls”!

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Matt Artz

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