Slasher’s Final Girl Faces ‘The Day After Halloween’

The director of 2016’s Beyond the Gates (starring Barbara Campton, pictured above) has announced that his next film will follow what happens to a slasher’s final girl who survives only to face new horrors in The Day After Halloween.

Appearing on the latest episode of the Shock Waves podcast, director Jackson Stewart announced that his second film will be The Day After Halloween, which he describes as “basically what happens to the ‘final girl’ after the end of a slasher movie. It moves into a kind of weird metaphysical direction that I don’t think people would really expect from this type of movie, but it should be fun.”

Steward also told EW that the movie concerns a character named Alice Caldwell, the sole survivor of a Halloween night massacre, who soon finds herself under intense scrutiny from the local media. As she struggles with the traumatic aftermath, a mysterious presence begins brutally murdering anyone who’s wronged her.

Stewart co-wrote the story with Stephen Scarlata (Beyond the Gates, which is currently streaming on Netflix).

We will certainly be keeping a close eye on this one, as it sounds right up our jack-o-lantern lit ally, and could provide a welcome answer to how to fight the dreaded post-Halloween blues on November 1st.

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Matt Artz

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