Bill Oberst Jr. and Tamara Glynn Cast in ‘On a Dark and Bloody Ground’

We are excited that our friend Tamara Glynn is returning to acting after a long hiatus away from the screen, having recently joined the cast of the Halloween horror film I See You, and now she has also been announced to join Bill Oberst Jr. in another upcoming independent horror film, On a Dark and Bloody Ground.

Billed as “a Kentucky fairy tale”, the film is written and will be directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner (Volumes of Blood).

The official synopsis: The small town of Miller’s End, Kentucky has been infected by something malevolent leaving several locals mutilated in horrific, unnatural ways. Sheriff Leslie Falk is desperate to solve the murders while keeping the town under control as a vengeful father becomes obsessed with finding the cause of the killings and bring them to an end. On a Dark and Bloody Ground is a Southern Gothic Horror Fairy Tale in the tradition of the camp fire stories we remember from childhood that gave us that chill and made us scared to be in the dark.

Bill Oberst Jr., who just wrapped filming of Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects sequel 3 From Hell, will play Pete James, a father who goes on a vengeful hunt for an unknown entity that is killing locals in his small Kentucky town.

Tamara Glynn (Halloween 5, Miami Vice, Freddy’s Nightmares) will play Pete’s wife, Mae James.

Upon the first cast announcements, Milliner posted the following on his Facebook page: “A few years ago, my friend Billy Pon wrote me to commission original art for his new film Circus of the Dead. Billy sent me the film and I was in awe of the lead actor in the role of the extremely disturbing figure known as Papa Corn. Papa Corn was brought to life by the multi-talented, intense performer who is Bill Oberst Jr. I knew right then and there that one day, I would do whatever I could to work with him. A year or so goes by and I start writing the script for what would become On a Dark and Bloody Ground. As I wrote the screenplay I started to picture Bill in the role of one of the film’s leads. A tragic character named Pete James. A hard working Southern man whose life is thrown into chaos and despair and becomes both lost and hell bent on finding his way in an unknown and dark future. Luckily in Bill, I found a kindred spirit. We clicked right away and the unthinkable came to be. Bill Oberst Jr wanted to play Pete.

And then the stars aligned again when my dear friend Tamara Glynn, who had joined our production team at Dark Ridge Films absolutely floored me and literally BECAME Pete’s wife, Mae James before my eyes. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. At 13 I watched Tamara take on The Shape in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and star in an episode of Freddy’s Nightmares and now I get to see her and Bill play man and wife in my new film and I could not be more grateful. We cannot wait to show you guys what we are making here.

You check out the first official teaser poster for On a Dark and Bloody Ground below.

'On a Dark and Bloody Ground' - teaser poster

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Matt Artz

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