Halloween Horror Film ‘I See You’ Adds Damian Maffei to Cast

The new Halloween-themed independent horror film I See You continues to fill out its cast with some of our favorite people, as our friend Damian Maffei is the most recent addition.

Maffei of course plays The Man in the Mask is this year’s The Strangers: Prey at Night and will also appear in the upcoming Haunt. As previously announced, he joins Halloween 5 star Tamara Glynn in the growing cast

The film will be directed by Tory Jones from a screenplay by Jones and Nathan Thomas Milliner. Rocky Gray (The Barn, Close Calls, 10/31) will compose the soundtrack.

Jones tells Halloween Daily News, “I See You is a no holds barred survival horror film that takes place on Halloween. In the film a family on their way to a large Halloween event hosted by Tamara Glynn’s character are stalked and eventually kidnapped by a gang of four masked psychopaths. They are placed in a large abandoned ‘Poorhouse’ and systematically hunted by the killers for sport. It becomes a violent battle for survival. The movie introduces four new slasher-esque masked crazies and will have elements reminiscent of The Strangers, The Running Man, and even Rob Zombie’s 31.”

A crowdfunding campaign for the film will launch in June.

You can see an early teaser poster below, and be sure to check out the I See You Facebook page here.

Keep watching Halloween Daily News, as we will be following this project closely as it continues to develop.

[Read our interview with Damian Maffei here.]

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Halloween Horror Film ‘I See You’ Adds Damian Maffei to Cast