‘The Spirit of Haddonfield’ Fan Film Trailer Released [Exclusive]

Writer and director Rene Rivas has just unleashed the official trailer for his new tribute to John Carpenter’s Halloween and the Michael Myers franchise it spawned, the upcoming fan film The Spirit of Haddonfield.

Rivas previously told HDN, “This story would fall canon into an alternate H20 universe. My story takes place 20 years after the events of Halloween H20. Let’s say if The Shape wasn’t decapitated at the end of H20, this is the story that would have subsequently happened.

“It’s a self-contained short film. It’s basically a third act cat and mouse short film.  We are going to have a pursuit. We are going to have our protagonist bump into The Shape at some point. It escalates, and then she’s put in situations where she has to defend herself and stand up to adversity. Our main character’s name is Hannah, and she is 17 years old.

With a runtime of just under 20 minutes, the short film will be released for free online on YouTube on October 1.

You can read more of our exclusive interview with Rivas about the not-for-profit fan film The Spirit of Haddonfield here, and then check out the new trailer, and a totally cool reaction video from PJ Soles, below.



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Matt Artz

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