H40: Forty Years of Terror Shapes the Ultimate ‘Halloween’ Franchise Reunion

H40: 40 Years of Terror will be the most massive Halloween movie franchise event yet, celebrating the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s original Halloween and four decades of Michael Myers with the largest gathering of men who have portrayed The Shape ever at one place, not to mention more than 60 cast members, directors, and producers from all of the films.

This will be purely and simply the ultimate Halloween reunion, and we can’t wait to see you all there.

Taking place in Pasadena, California, where the original Halloween was filmed 40 years ago, the weekend kicks off on Friday, Oct. 12 with the Horror’s Hallowed Ground Bus Tour hosted by Sean Clark, which takes fans to many of the filming locations of the films.

The 40 Years of Terror convention is happening on Saturday and Sunday at the Pasadena Convention Center, with the most killer lineup a Halloween fan could dream of.

The guests confirmed to be attending the convention include:

Halloween (1978) – Nick Castle (Halloween, Halloween 2018); P.J. Soles (Halloween); Charles Cyphers (Halloween, Halloween II); John Michael Graham (Halloween); Will Sandin (Halloween); Sandy Johnson (Halloween; first convention appearance); David Kyle (Halloween; first convention appearance); Nancy Stephens (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H20); Mickey Yablans (Halloween); Jim Winburn (Halloween); Dean Cundey (cinematographer Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III); Irwin Yablans (producer Halloween); Kim Gottlieb-Walker (set photographer for Halloween and Halloween II); Tommy Lee Wallace (production designer/editor Halloween, writer/director Halloween III), Brian Andrews (Halloween).

Halloween II (1981) – Dick Warlock (Halloween II, Halloween III); Rick Rosenthal (director Halloween II, Halloween: Resurrection; Saturday only); Adam Gunn (Halloween II; first convention appearance); Lance Guest (Halloween II); Leo Rossi (Halloween II); Ana Alicia (Halloween II; Saturday only); Tawny Moyer (Halloween II; Saturday only); Gloria Gifford (Halloween II); Jeffrey Kramer (Halloween II; Saturday only); Ty Mitchell (Halloween II); Alan Howarth (composer for Halloween II through 6); Pamela Susan Shoop (Halloween II; Saturday only); Nancy Stephens.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch – Tom Atkins (Halloween III); Stacy Nelkin (Halloween III); Bradley Schacter (Halloween III); Dick Warlock; Tommy Lee Wallace.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers – Dwight Little (director Halloween 4; Saturday only); Tom Morga (Halloween 4); Erik Preston (Halloween 4); George P. Wilbur (Halloween 4, Halloween 6); Sasha Jenson (Halloween 4).

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – Don Shanks (Halloween 5); Wendy Kaplan (Halloween 5); Tamara Glynn (Halloween 5); Jeffrey Landman (Halloween 5); Matthew Walker (Halloween 5).

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers – A. Michael Lerner (Halloween 6); J.C. Brandy (Halloween 6); Marianne Hagen (Halloween 6); Susan Swift (Halloween 6); Mariah O’Brien (Halloween 6); Mitchell Ryan (Halloween 6; Saturday only); Brad Hardin (mask maker for Halloween 6); Daniel Farrands (writer Halloween 6); George P. Wilbur.

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later – Chris Durand (Halloween H20); Steve Miner (director Halloween H20); Nancy Stephens.

Halloween: Resurrection – Brad Loree (Halloween: Resurrection); Gary J. Clayton (Halloween: Resurrection deleted scene; first convention appearance); Donna Keegan (Jame Lee Curtis’ stunt double for Halloween: Resurrection; first convention appearance).

Halloween (2007) – Tyler Mane (Halloween 2007, Halloween II 2009); Daeg Faerch (Halloween 2007); Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween 2007, Halloween II 2009); Kristina Klebe (Halloween 2007); Adam Weisman (Halloween 2007); Sybil Danning (Halloween 2007); Leslie Easterbrook (Halloween 2007); Lew Temple (Halloween 2007); Adrienne Barbeau (Halloween 2007 deleted scene; Saturday only); Rawn Hutchinson (stunt coordinator for Halloween 2007, Halloween II 2009, and Halloween 2018); Hanna Hall (Halloween 2007).

Halloween II (2009) – Chase Wright Vanek (Halloween II 2009; first convention appearance); Jeff Daniel Phillips (Halloween II 2009; Sunday only); Brea Grant (Halloween II 2009; Sunday only); Duane Whitaker (Halloween II 2009); Eileen Dietz (Halloween II 2009); Renae Geerlings (Halloween II), Tyler Mane; Scout Taylor-Compton.

Halloween (2018) – James Jude Courtney (Halloween 2018; first convention appearance); Rhian Rees (Halloween 2018; first convention appearance); Chris Nelson (mask maker for Halloween 2018); Vincent Van Dkye (makeup effects designer Halloween 2018); Sean White (art director Halloween 2018); and David Gordon Green (director Halloween 2018; Saturday only).

As if that’s not enough, Halloween franchise producer Malek Akkad and Blumhouse’s Ryan Turek will also be there.

The event will be the largest gathering of Michael Myers actors ever in one place, with an astounding 19(!!) actors and stuntmen who brought the iconic killer to life from all 11 films in the franchise.

Tickets are available now at Halloween40.com.

Keep watching Halloween Daily News for more updates as we will be attending this landmark event to bring you complete coverage, including photos, videos, interviews, panel reports, and more.


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