‘The Barn Part II’ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

One of our favorite Halloween horror films of the last decade is definitely writer/director Justin M. Seaman’s The Barn, an insanely fun ’80s throwback that introduced three new icons of our favorite day (read our review here), and now Seaman has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help make the sequel, The Barn Part II, become a reality.

Seaman originally wrote the first film when he was nine years old, and now, more than 22 years later, those first ideas have become The Barn, which has played at film festivals around the world since its completion in 2015 and won numerous awards, including Best Feature and Best Halloween Film at the 2016 Halloween International Film Festival. On the Indiegogo page, Seaman explains that he actually wrote a sequel when he was 10, called The Barn Part II: Zombie Railroad.

An official synopsis has not been released yet, but the Indiegogo page lists some early details, including that the surviving cast from the first film is returning including Linnea Quigley and Ari Lehman, it’s a continuation of the first film and takes place in the early 1990s, and it will of course be a Halloween film.

Seaman says, “There are many questions that went unanswered in Part I: What happens to Sam and Josh and Michelle, does Ms. Barnhart stay true to her word to ban Halloween in Helen’s Valley, and what was up with The Boogeyman’s helmet having the name Daniels written on it (ya know our hero Sam’s last name)? Well to be honest the original film was written to setup the story arc in the event of a sequel and keep an authentic flow. I want this next film to have the same fun schlocky charm as the first, but be much darker, creepier, and gorier…more monsters, more kills, more Halloween!”

Available perks include everything from a signed Blu-ray copy of the new film to screen-used props from the first film, and even the chance to actually be in the movie or better yet being killed on screen by Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons) or Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), both of which are set to reprise their roles from The Barn in Part II.

To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and help The Barn Part II get made, go to the film’s Indiegogo page here. The campaign will continue for the next two weeks, through Nov. 20, 2018.


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Matt Artz

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