Watch the ‘Halloween II’ Panel from H40: Forty Years of Terror [Video / Photo Gallery]

H40: 40 Years of Terror was purely and simply the ultimate Halloween franchise reunion, with numerous panels and epic events throughout the weekend, including a panel with much of the cast and crew from the 1981 sequel Halloween II.

The Halloween II panel included director Rick Rosenthal, cinematographer Dean Cundey, Dick Warlock (Michael Myers), Nancy Stephens, Lance Guest, Leo Rossi, Pamela Susan Shoop, Tawny Moyer, Ana Alicia, Gloria Gifford, Jeffrey Kramer, Ty Mitchell, and Adam Gunn (young Michael Myers; making his first convention appearance), moderated by Rob Galluzzo of Dread Central Presents.

Rosenthal discussed in detail a scene that was filmed but ultimately deleted from the theatrically released film, and has yet to surface on any subsequent DVD/Blu-ray release, which featured an extended sequence in the infant nursery at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Gifford talked about how she was the first African-American woman to star in a major horror franchise, despite the fact that her character was written as a white women in her 50s in the script, paving the way for Rosenthal to eventually hire Tyra Banks for Halloween: Resurrection, which he also directed in 2002.

All of the cast members credited Rosenthal with the success and enduring affection for the movie, adding that they all still get along great and keep in touch regularly.

About midway through the panel, Warlock stepped up to podium and called a fan, Eric Crimmons, to the stage, where he got down on one knee and proposed to his shocked girlfriend Sandra Maxey, who enthusiastically said, “Yes”.

Kramer addressed the Halloween franchise fans directly, “You guys showing up here and loving this movie, it’s passed down from your mothers and fathers, it just enthuses all of us to feel your love of this, and I thank you.”

You can watch highlights from the Halloween II panel at H40: Forty Years of Terror and see our photo gallery below.

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