Poppy Teams with Fever 333 for “Scary Mask”

Poppy has teamed up with Fever 333 to unleash the new song “Scary Mask”, a unique blend of their vastly different styles that screams with ferocity.

For those that are unfamiliar, Poppy is a pop music superstar whose fans worship her like a religion and whose entire stage persona is that of something akin to an android, as she never comes out of “character”. Meanwhile, Fever 333 are the most righteously angry, hard-hitting protest band since Rage Against the Machine, combining metal, industrial, and hip-hop into a new fury.

The collaboration has Poppy doing her baby doll light melodies one second and then shifting into Slipknot-esque guitar riffs and high pitched howls the next second, with the chorus gleefully announcing “Never gonna take it off, so don’t touch me. Never gonna take it off. Stop looking at me.” Later, Poppy leads the stadium sing along-ready refrain “M-A-S-K. Am I okay?”

In the official video, the always inventive pop robot gives in to her inner horror-fueled impulses, not only wearing the titular mask itself, but also rocking an array of creepy looks, including a bright sunflower-yellow dress with a contrasting skull in the center and the words “Go to Hell” on it.

You can hear the track and watch the official video for Poppy and Fever 333’s “Scary Mask” below.



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Matt Artz

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