[Interview] Jibrail Nantambu Says Julian Will Return in ‘Halloween Kills’

One of our favorite new characters introduced in Blumhouse’s 2018 Halloween was Julian, played by Jibrail Nantambu, who told us recently that he will be back for the upcoming sequels Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

We talked to Nantambu at the Scares That Care Charity Weekend in Williamsburg, VA earlier this month, and when asked if he’d like to be in the next Halloween movies, he replied, “I will be in the next movies”.

We also asked Jibrail if he thinks Julian will survive the sequels, and he told us, “I will not die”.

With the announcement that Halloween 1978’s Tommy Doyle will return in Halloween Kills, it only makes sense that Julian, who is basically the new version of Doyle, will be featured, as the new film(s) appear to be ready to explore how Michael Myers’ attacks have impacted other survivors, beyond just Laurie Strode.

We also learned that Nantambu has actually never seen the full film that he most famous for, but only his scenes, and that his favorite candy is actually Gourmet Gum.

You can watch our exclusive interview with Jibrail Nantambu below, on how he got his role in Halloween and plans for his next encounter with Michael Myers.

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HDN’s Sue Artz with Jibrail Nantambu
HDN’s Matt Artz with Jibrail Nantambu

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