Pennywise Haunts ‘It’ 2019 Halloween Collection

With the highly anticipated sequel It Chapter Two arriving in theaters this week, there is about to be a whole lot of Pennywise everywhere you look, which will continue through the season thanks to a ton of new officially licensed It products available.

With everything from animatronics to costumes being released, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items in the It 2019 Halloween collection.


The Pennywise Sewer Grabber with sound will have you running for your life! This creepy Halloween prop features a red balloon and a Pennywise figurine in a sewer-like box with an arm stretched out like the sewer scene in It. Once activated by motion or sound, Pennywise’s eyes will light up and his arm will quickly reach out to grab you as eerie sounds from the movie play.

Priced at $129.99, you can order the Pennywise Sewer Grabber animatronic from Party City here.



Frighten guests with the Animated Pennywise Pop Up! This Halloween prop features an animated Pennywise figurine behind a cluster of faux stone rocks holding a red balloon. Once activated by motion or sound, Pennywise will quickly pop up while eerie sounds from the movie play. 

Priced at $149.99, you can order the Pennywisde pop-up animatronic from Party City here.




Pennywise will be knocking on your front door with the Animated Pennywise Door Knocker! This Halloween decoration features a scary Pennywise face with a black loop door knocker. When door knocker is in use, Pennywise’s eyes light up, his mouth moves, and eerie sounds from It will play.

Priced at $39.99, you can order the Pennywise animated door knocker here.



Standing at 6.5 feet tall, Pennywise will strike fear in everyone who passes by as he quickly pops up and introduces himself and says exactly what he’s going to do with your flesh. Priced at $269.99, you can order the life-size Pennywise animatronic here.



These officially licensed string lights play music and light up in a synchronized fashion. Priced at $26.99, you can order the Pennywise string lights here.


These sound activated lights will illuminate the night and creep out all of your visitors, as they make scary noises that will be sure to haunt your guests. Priced at $29.99, you can order the Pennywise pathway markers here.


This 60″ x 40″fleece blanket features a large picture of Pennywise peeking out from behind a red balloon and the It insignia in the other bottom corner. Priced at $24.99. you can order the Pennywise fleece blanket here.


This 30 by 18-inch fiberboard sign features a carnival-style promo for Pennywise the Dancing Clown, appearing “all summer long” in Derrry, Maine, with “performances every 27 years”. Priced at $34.99, you can order the Pennywise sign here.


This 12 by 16-inch sign features the front page of the Derry Herald, with the headline: “Bodies of missing kids found in Derry city sewer system”. Priced at $19.99, you can order the Derry Herald Newspaper sign here.


From Trick or Treat Studios and sculpted by Mike O’Brien, who worked on the screen-used makeup, this is the ultimate edition of the Pennywise mask. Priced at $69.99 and anticipated to ship in October, you can pre-order the deluxe Pennywise mask here.

These are just a few of our favorites of the new 2019 releases, but to see even more Pennywise products, you can shop It at Spirit Halloween here., and shop more It at Party City here.

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Pennywise Haunts ‘It’ 2019 Halloween Collection