‘Mr. Robot’ Hacks into Silver Shamrock

Mr. Robot kicked off its fourth and final season this week, and I was pleasantly surprised to spot a shout out to Halloween III in the premiere episode of the highly acclaimed USA Network series, directly referencing Silver Shamrock and even Conal Cochran himself.

In the Season 4 premiere episode, the show’s main character Elliot (Rami Malek) is seen typing the words “Silver Shamrock” into an inbox search bar, which results in a number of emails with “Silver Shamrock” in the subject to and from someone named “Conal Cochran”.

Whether or not these names will have more significance in the series’ ongoing endgame or if it’s just a fun Easter egg for us Halloween III fans remains to be seen, but it’s undeniably cool to see such an unexpected marriage of two of my favorite things.

You can view some screenshots of the Silver Shamrock scene below.

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Matt Artz

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‘Mr. Robot’ Hacks into Silver Shamrock