Trick or Treat Studios 2020 New Masks Revealed

Trick or Treat Studios has unveiled their 2020 catalog of new and returning products, including an incredible new line of Universal Monsters masks, plus classic Scooby-Doo villains masks, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie masks, a Halloween 4 “Poster Mask”, and lots more.

The highlight of the 2020 new additions is the Universal Monsters line, which brings us amazingly screen-accurate masks of film’s most legendary horror icons, including Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein monster and Glenn Strange’s monster from House of Frankenstein, Lon Chaney Jr.’s Wolf Man, The Mummy’s Imhotep and Ardeth Bay, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, as well as a new Dracula cape. These join the previously released Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera masks.

The classic monster love continues with new Hammer Studios‘ Dracula, Reptile, and Monster from Hell masks.

The new Scooby-Doo line of masks look colorful and incredible, featuring The Creeper, Big Bad Werewolf, The Clown, Charlie the Robot, Wolfman, and Mr. Hyde.

From 2019’s excellent Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (read our review), TOTS is releasing masks based on Big Toe, the Pale Lady, and Harold the scarecrow.

Teased last year, the officially licensed Us (read our review) line arrives in 2020, featuring the Tethered costume and scissors, and both Jason’s werewolf mask and his doppleganger Pluto’s mask.

The new Freddy Krueger masks and gloves, from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as the sequels Freddy’s Revenge and The Dream Master, will haunt your dreams in 2020.

From the Halloween franchise, The Boogeyman alternate 1978 Michael Myers mask, from the final scenes of John Carpenter’s Halloween, is listed as a new 2020 release, though it received a limited release in late October 2019 and we have it in stock now and ready to ship immediately here.

There is also a new Halloween 4 “Poster Mask” coming in 2020.

But the big draw for Myers fans will undoubtedly be the first ever officially licensed Michael Myers mask from the upcoming Halloween Kills, which will be unveiled at a later date. (We’ll have pre-orders up as soon as we’re allowed to.)

Also debuting this year, masks of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and Azog from The Hobbit, replicas of the masks worn by Shao Kahn, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion in Mortal Kombat, The Purge TV series masks, Chucky, Tiffany, and Glen dolls from Seed of Chucky, The Creep and other creatures from Creepshow: The Series, an officially licensed mask and costumes from Candy Corn., and 3 From Hell masks and costumes.

You can see those new masks and more in images from Trick or Treat Studios’ 2020 catalog in the gallery below.

Which are you most excited for?

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