Lemax Reveals 2020 Spooky Town Halloween Village

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Lemax’s Spooky Town Halloween village, and the celebration is officially underway with the full reveal of the 2020 collection..

Among the new items pictured below are the Spider Cider House, Terribly Twisted Taffy-Works, The Creature’s Custom Hot Rod Shop, the Pit and the Pendulum, the Spooky Springs Water Tower, the Dead Zone Construction site, and the Ghoulish Gourd Pub & Grill, as well as various figures and accessories.

You can view all of the currently announced new additions that are part of the upcoming 2020 Lemax Spooky Town collection below, and once they go on sale online, this post will be updated with the corresponding affiliate links to purchase.

UPDATE: The 2020 exclusives available only from Michaels were added on May 1.

Dead Zone Construction Site
The Pit and the Pendulum
The Ghoulish Gourd Pub & Grill
Grimsbury Haunted House
Death’s Door Cemetery Gates
The Creature’s Custom Hot Rod Shop
Black Cat Halloween Decor
Dragon’s Lair Potions & Spells
Terribly Twisted
Frightmore Farm
Spider Cider House
Wanda’s Wicked Home
Pumpkin Festival
Spooky Springs Water Tower
Spooky Windmill
Witch’s Brew Coffee
Zombie Mechanic
Graveyard Partygoers
Spectral Couple
Jolly Jack
Finding Buddy Boney Goodman
Lighted Lantern Bone Post
Haunted Topiary
Candy Cruisers
Witch Shopping
Nursery Stroll
Phantom Coach
Esmeralda’s Balloon Rides
Witch’s Night Out
Bat Fence Gate
Shopping for Halloween
Pumpkin Monster
A Chilling Band of Two
Crazy Headstones
Frank and Stein
Scary Toy Master
Scary Road Signs
Terrified Trick or Treaters
Terrible Toys
Spooky Town Sign


Zombie Jazz Cafe
Zombie Jazz Cafe
Hideous Harry's Toy Factory
Hideous Harry’s Toy Factory
Black Raven Manor
Black Raven Manor
Jack's Pumpkin Farm
Jack’s Pumpkin Farm
Raven & Skull Tree
Raven & Skull Tree
Frightful Feline Choir
Frightful Feline Choir

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