‘Halloween’ Revelations, ‘Halloween Kills’ Teases from the Watch Party

The Halloween (2018) Twitter watch party yesterday (5/16/20) was a huge success, with the hashtag #HalloweenAtHome trending, as the cast and crew virtually “reunited” to share some truly great stories and photos from the making of the film, and director David Gordon Green gave the next best thing to a full feature-length audio commentary and provided few new Halloween Kills updates and teases.

Additional Halloween cast and crew who participated include Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle, Jason Blum, Ryan Turek, Rhian Rees, Carmela McNeal, and even John Carpenter himself.

We’ve compiled some of the highlights below, with Green tweeting from the Blumhouse account.


It was Jamie Lee Curtis’ idea that Andi Matichak have the same “and introducing” credit as Curtis had in the original 1978 Halloween.

The jackolantern title sequence was filmed practically, with no visual effects.

In response to a fan’s question, David Gordon Green revealed that Karen’s father is “some dude Laurie met at bar. She doesn’t even remember his name.”

In the original script, Karen was a Child Psychologist and had a lot of puppets.

Blumhouse producer Ryan Turek actually played the silhouette of The Shape outside of Laurie’s car window when she she screams while parked outside of Smith’s Grove.

Jamie Lee Curtis voiced the baby crying.

The couple dressed as a doctor and nurse (played by Michael Smallwood and Carmela McNeal) are not Julian’s (Jibrail Nantambu) parents, but we have not seen the last of them.

The awesome one shot following as Michael returns to Haddonfield on Halloween night took 11 takes and lots of rehearsal to get right.

James Jude Courtney explained that the scene in which Nick Castle briefly reprises the role of Michael Myers as he’s in the window seen by Laurie from the street outside, it was then Courtney as Michael in the mirror in that same scene. “We shared this scene, it was the passing of the torch,” he said.

It was actually makeup effects artist Chris Nelson’s hands attacking Laurie through her front door when she shoots two of his fingers off, because Courtney was busy at the time prepping for another scene.

David Gordon Green promised the crew if the movie made $100 million he would get a “10-31-18” tattoo (just like Dave’s in the movie), which he got on that date, which was also his father’s 80th birthday.

Laurie’s bedroom was a set built as a recreation of Tommy Doyle’s house in the original 1978 Halloween. It was going to be used for an alternate introduction that was never filmed.

A stunt performer did Michael’s fall down the stairs and his classic sit up.

Of the original ending, Green said, “Most of it was Laurie-Michael conflict but anti-climactic. There’s a cool moment of The Shape sitting quietly among Laurie’s mannequins on her shooting ranger. Maybe we’ll finish it someday…”



As stated above, the doctor and nurse played by Michael Smallwood and Carmela McNeal, respectively, will feature more prominently in the sequel, though they are not Julian’s parents, as some have speculated.

The cemetery caretaker, played by Diva Tyler, will also return in the sequel.

Ray’s peyote past with Cameron’s (Dylan Arnold) dad, Lonnie Elam (portrayed by Robert Longstreet in Halloween Kills), will come into play.

Hawkins may have survived?

We will see the Myers House in Halloween Kills.

Of the highly anticipated trailer and release plans in light of the ongoing pandemic, Green stated, “We’re still working on the trailer for #HalloweenKills now. And strategizing our plan for release based on the realities of the world. Fingers crossed. i feel really good and want to share so much more. Hopefully soon.”

And everyone involved seemed to confirm what HDN has already independently been hearing from inside sources, that Halloween Kills is going to be significantly more violent than its 2018 predecessor.

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